10 THINGS YOU MUST KNOW BEFORE YOU GO TO CANTON TEXAS! First Mondays Trade Days and my Huge Haul!! 💖

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Hello and welcome! My name is Tammie and welcome to my channel. 💖
Today I am taking you to Canton Texas! My sister and I went to Canton Texas with our amazing husbands, who were such good sports. We shopped and thrifted for 3 days straight. I hope you enjoyed this haul along with my 10 tips to make your trip to Canton a success! Tell me what you think!
https://www.firstmondaycanton.com/ @First Monday Trade Days Canton Texas
🍴Eat at the: https://www.thekickinmule.com/ @thekickinmule
🛎Timeless Treasures 111 N Trade Days Blvd, Canton, TX 75103
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