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Claire Aalerud, Youth Minister at St. Theresa parish (Sugar Land, TX) and YouTuber ( tells us about her faith walk that led her to Texas and exploring religious life.

0:00 – Claire from Boston
2:10 – The roots of her faith
9:39 – various Protestant & Catholic activities
19:59 – Claire’s transformation & the Rosary
25:48 – religious relics & the Latin mass
31:33 – Gap year & early discernment
34:28 – first taste of Youth Ministry
39:00 – connecting with Gabe Castillo
44:56 – the first years & St. Theresa
49:30 – overcoming shyness
55:54 – Gabe & Claire are a package deal
59:10- exploring religious life
1:06:20 – experiences in convents
1:16:46 – coming out of the convent
1:20:50 – closing the book on the BF
1:22:50 – Thanks Claire!

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