Our biggest CABIN PROJECT this year | Does this mean our SVALBARD cabin is officially FINISHED?

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We made even more CHANGES to our cabin! This was long overdue and something we have wanted (needed) to do for a while, so we set aside a few days this week to get it all done! It truly transformed the overall look of our cabin, and we are so pleased with the result. How did you think it turned out? Let me know in the comments! Thank you for being here, love y’all! 🧡🏠

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About Cecilia:
Cecilia Blomdahl is originally from Sweden and moved to Svalbard 6.5 years ago. She works as a photographer and videographer in Longyearbyen, and with her social media channels. Check her out on tiktok and instagram under her handle @sejsejlija! Here on youtube she posts videos about her daily life in her cabin with her boyfriend Christoffer and her dog Grim, living just outside of Longyearbyen. Subscribe for videos about her daily life as well as adventures on an island close to the North Pole. They have polar bears there!

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